The most popular activities on the Soca river

Some rivers are just ideal for all kinds of activities. Most people enjoy simply relaxing on the riverbanks and chilling in the river on hot summer days. Some adventurers will want to top that with activities that present some extra thrill and challenge. The Soca river offers all that, and more!

Among the most popular activities on the Soca river, two are especially prominent. The first one is Soca river kayaking, which is obvious if you just look at the river. Chances are, you’ll see a couple of lively kayakers on their way downstream. In the vicinity of popular towns in the valley, Soca river kayaking is really thriving. But the whole length of the river is suitable for this activity, that’s why Soca river kayaking is very popular among experienced kayakers that don’t have to rely on the offer of tourist agencies. Solo tours are a great way of exploring the river and spending some quality time in nature!

Tourist towns definitely help visitors choose the perfect activity. They also highlight the most popular options. In Bovec, rafting is among the favorites, for example. Bovec rafting is very popular and sometimes even the main reason for visiting the Soca valley. As rafting is most popular among the groups and families, it can be the focal point of a sociable weekend trip, team-building getaway, and other types of visits. Of course, rafting is flexible and can provide a great experience for other adventurers as well. Especially in Bovec, rafting is available in different forms. There are many tourist agencies that focus on different profiles of visitors. Even the complete beginners will have a great chance to experience the thrill and excitement of rafting, while the experienced adventurers will find new challenges on the rapids of the river.

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