The canvas of the Soca valley

Soca valley with its beauty, extreme sports such as Soca canyoning and rafting (Bovec, Soca) and the welcoming atmosphere attracts thousands of tourists every year, who are regularly pleased with their experience. Among them are those who would like to tackle Soca canyoning or rafting (Bovec, Soca) for a day of thrilling fun. Others come to find some peace and quiet in nature, trying to have a break from their stressful lives. Someone else might visit the area due to its wonderful traditional cuisine, indulging in some delicious treats for a day or two. That is not all, however. There is another type of guest that Soca valley regularly hosts. It is the artist. To no great surprise, photographers and painters continuously find inspiration in the valley’s raw nature, the abundance of animal and plant species and even the people, who are enjoying their visit. There are photos and paintings of the emerald river, the famous trout of Soca and people having the adventure of Soca canyoning or rafting (Bovec, Soca). The valley is a canvas for everyone that wants to carry a little piece of that beautiful place home with them. An inspiration to many artists all over the world, the valley remains one of the most beautiful areas in the country of Slovenia.

Soča valley as a muse 

While art is quite often produced due to the artist’s infatuation with beautiful women, that does not mean this has to always be the case. The source of creative inspiration can be anything that reflects beauty, fires imagination and stimulates the feelings of wanting to make something pleasing to the eye. To many artists, the alluring Soča valley does just that. It works as a muse, helping those in the process of creating some wonderful pieces of art.

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