Summer adventure in Bovec (Slovenia)

Bovec is a small town, surrounded by the peaks of the Julian Alps. It is located in a valley in the Northern part of Slovenia. It is part of the Littoral and it offers many different activities. Its proximity to Soca River makes it an ideal location for day trips or excursions on the beautiful river. The most popular activity is rafting on the more adventurous part of the river. Joining a group rafting Bovec (Soca) lets you escape the city, especially during the hot summer days, and you get to explore Slovenia’s natural landscape.

Just by driving from Ljubljana, the capital city, to Bovec you will already see half the country. You can make a few stops on the way to experience some amazing views. The scenery in the Northern part of Slovenia is stunning and it is worth setting some time aside to really take in the views of the high mountains (the highest mountain stands above the other peaks in the Julian Alps at 2864 meters), Lake Bled and vast forests. The small mountain town of Bovec is situated just outside of Slovenia’s largest national park, Triglav National Park. The national park is a paradise for lovers of nature, natural wonders and vast forests. The park is named after the highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav.

The rafting experience

The whole adventure takes around three hours. You will be accompanied by experienced and professional guides, who will make sure that you experience the river and the views in all the beauty. The clear turquoise water surrounds you and offers some wild parts even by the end of summer. The rafting experience is completely safe, it is appropriate for families, friends or co-workers on team-buildings. Safety is always a priority, right after having fun.

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