Manipulation of the Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption is a considerable expense in regard to boating. In addition to insurance, harbour costs and maintenance cost, fuel which your boat uses might be one of the biggest financial burdens you will face. The good news, however, is that fuel consumption can be manipulated if you know how. While the price of the fuel cannot be influenced, you can track the fluctuations of the prices and decide for the purchase when they are lower. What is more, not all filling stations have the same prices, so opt for the one with the lowest. Saving some money during your purchase of the fuel will be beneficial, but the manipulation of the amount of fuel your boat uses can bring the biggest savings. Learn how to reduce usage of the fuel and start doing it yourself!

Fuel Flow Meter Boat and Antifouling

A fuel flow meter boat and antifouling are big factors in reducing fuel consumption. A fuel flow meter boat enables tracking of the fuel usage. During certain speeds, fuel consumption can skyrocket, while others can be more economical. This is precisely why it is so important to identify them both. This simple device can save you a lot of money as it shows you how much of the gas you are using and how rapid the consumption is. Another important thing is certainly antifouling. Antifouling will remove excess materials from your boat, which means it will also reduce the overall weight of the vessel. This already lowers the fuel bill on its own. In addition to that, if the propellers have a lot of fouling, this can significantly increase the power output. The result can be higher consumption, even as high as fifty per cent more than before. Both a fuel flow meter boat and antifouling are thus incredibly helpful for manipulation of the fuel consumption.

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