A River So Beautiful It Seems Unreal

Slovenia has many gorgeous natural sights that invite many tourists into this small country but few of them get as much attention as the beautiful emerald river. Soča has always been famous for its magical turquoise colour and the extreme purity of the water. No one is disappointed when faced with this magnificent view. The river, however, is not just gorgeous but a real enjoyment centre of the region. Activities like rafting Soča or Soca river kayaking are, especially in the summer months of the year, widely visited by a number of adrenaline lovers from all around the world. Soča is a crazy river with wild river rapids which make rafting Soča and Soca river kayaking all the more enjoyable. Soca river kayaking and rafting Soča, however, are not the only types of entertainments on the river. While it is too cold for swimming, fishing and photographing are quite popular. Just looking at the water might be fairly pleasant to some as the river’s beauty is almost majestic. Although the river has always been stunning, there were times when the area was not so calm and full of laughter.

The Rich History

During the First World War, the river was in the middle of a war zone. From 1915 to 1917, the area was demolished by the Isonzo front. During this sad period, more than three hundred thousand lives were taken from both the Italian and the Austro-Hungarian side, which includes more than thirty thousand Slovenes. In total, there were twelve battles until Italian forces had to retreat in November 1917. Today, besides the historical monuments, there are no more reminders of the bloody war that once erupted near the beautiful river, but the memories of those who sacrificed their lives still live on.

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